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Our guiding principles

Cppcheck is a static analysis tool for C/C++ code. It provides unique code analysis to detect bugs and is top rated in detecting undefined behavior and dangerous coding constructs. Cppcheck is built on the following principles:
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Undefined behavior

Strong focus on undefined behavior. Undefined behavior is very difficult to catch both at compile time and through testing. It may give rise to both safety and security incidents.

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No false positives

We want our results to matter and that all warnings should be taken seriously.

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Simple to integrate and use

Our tool is meant to help programmers, not become another obstacle in your daily work.

Trusted by the world

Cppcheck is trusted by engineers all around the world in all kinds of industries such as Automotive, Space, MedTech, Defense, Rail, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Finance, Telecom.

Our user base as well as our community is located around the world. Cppcheck is a truly global tool with more than 15 years of development behind it.

The Cppcheck community is growing every day. The repository is housed on Github and boasts more than +5k stars, +27k commits, +5k closed pull requests, +300 active contributors.

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Product features and pricing

Cppcheck Open Source

Free to download and use!

Cppcheck Open-Source is a very competent static analysis tool with advanced checkers focused on improving code quality.

  • Cppcheck is perfectly suited for universities, startups, open-source projects and prototype stage commercial projects.
  • The source code is released under GPL 3.0.
  • We encourage our users to actively contribute to our community through bug-reports, feature requests and code contributions.

  • Checkmark The tool is based on a unique data flow analysis which makes it different from other tools on the market.
  • Checkmark The tool is easily integrated in many different development environments. You can run it in Visual Studio, Eclipse, Clion, Qt Creator, C++ Builder, and many other C/C++ IDEs.
  • Checkmark The tool is designed to be able to analyze your C/C++ code even if it has non-standard syntax (common in embedded projects).
  • Checkmark Cppcheck covers C++ 11, 14, 17 and partly 20.
  • Checkmark Cppcheck is known for its easy on-boarding, simple interface and large number of supported integrations. For CI the most popular are GitHub and Jenkins. For IDE’s, the most popular are:Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • Checkmark Cppcheck is cross platform. There are installation packages for Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD. And it is compiled and run on various other operating systems also.

Cppcheck Premium Enterprise

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Cppcheck Premium Enterprise license supports both installation on individual developer computers but also installation in CI-environments and containers.

  • Checkmark The enterprise licensing model supports development environments regardless if they are connected to the internet or not.
  • Checkmark For enterprise customers, we always provide an online onboarding service to make sure you get the tool up and running as soon as possible.
  • Checkmark Dedicated technical support with installation and integration in your own CI environment.
  • Please contact sales and let us know how we can help

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